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Our customers ask several questions before using Excel & Access consulting services. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions on this page. Feel free to contact us at any time to ask questions or to request a free quote.

Hourly Rate of our Excel Consultants

Development – $95
Data processing – $65

What is your job?

Our goal: improve the efficiency of your working tools. Our motto is: work better in less time. We design and improve work applications to make them more effective so you spend less time at the office. For example: if you need to report sales every week, why not make it fully automatic? You will save so much time that you will be able to focus on other tasks that help grow your business.

How will your services help me?

You’ll save time. You’ll make fewer mistakes. You’ll be a star in the office.
Think about it, if the programs you use daily do more for you, are more automated and do not make mistakes, you will have more time to devote to other tasks.

What results can I expect?

We work quickly and efficiently. Most of the projects are delivered within two weeks. As soon as you get your new tools in hand, you will see the difference with your old way of working. Your tasks will be more pleasant: the data processing that you did manually will be fully automatic. There will be no more careless errors in your work and you can now focus on the analysis of the data rather than their treatment.

I made a request for quote. When will I get an answer?

We generally respond to quote solicitations within a period of 48 hours. We will contact you if we have further questions.

Who can take advantage of the free quote?

Everyone, without exception. We offer quotes for business as well as for individuals who have projects to accomplish. There is no minimum scope needed to do business with us. We work on all types of projects, whether it’s a budgeting tool or a complex financial analysis model.

I made a request for quote, what can I expect?

You will receive a formal quote by e-mail following your request. Because the quote is customized to your project, please be sure to include enough detail so that we are able to offer a precise quote. This quote contains no obligation on your part to do business with us. The document that you will receive will indicate our proposal, the price and the time-frame in which we can carry out the work.

What are the steps following the quote?

If you are satisfied with our preliminary bid, we will discuss all the details of the scope of work and draft the contract. The discussion of the scope of work is done according to your preferred means of communication: in person at your offices or ours, or on the phone or by email. As soon as the contract is accepted, we will begin the work.

I am an individual and I would like to do a project in Microsoft Office, can you help me if I am not an employee of a business?

Yes. We also offer our services to individuals. Whether you need a budget tool or a wedding invitation list, we can help you.

I need the work to be completed today, do you offer a rush service?

Yes. We can do the job in a very short period of time where possible. When you make a quote request, please indicate the time and date required and we will offer you a price for a rush job and another price for work carried out within the regular time.

I got a price in the quote, will this be the final price?

Yes. Provided that you have included all the details in the request for quote and that there are no additions when we discuss the scope of the work. There are no hidden costs and our quotes are 100% reliable. If the scope of work is described in the request; the price you see on our proposal is the final price you will pay. It is possible that the price of the project varies somewhat during the discussion of the scope of the work if the workload is higher than described in the quote request. However, you will know the final price before entering into the work agreement, and you will have no obligation to us until we agree on the price of the job.

I have a small business or my project is small, is there a minimum project size for doing business with Opia Solutions?

No. We offer our Excel consulting services to companies of all sizes, and for all durations. We have already charged projects as short as 30 minutes. Our services are payable to the time worked and there is no minimum fee. Obtain your free quote today.

I have a project that would require several months of work, do you have the resources to complete my Excel work?

Yes. We have the necessary resources to complete all sizes of projects. There is no maximum limit, as there is no minimum limit to the work we do for our customers.

I am an individual and I would like to do a project in Microsoft Office, can you help me if I am not part of a business?

Yes. We also offer our services to consumers. Whether you need a budget tool or a list of wedding invitations, we can help you.

My project is very complex and it requires mathematical expertise. Do you have the skills?

Yes. We can make complex mathematical models and we have all the required expertise. Our founder, Maxime, was an actuary before launching the OPIA Solutions enterprise and he has worked in major actuarial consulting firms. In the context of his previous mandates, he designed very mathematically advanced Excel models.

Is the work guaranteed? What happens if I have problems after receiving the files?

Our work is fully guaranteed for a period of 60 days. We do a series of tests with each tool we design to offer you the highest quality of work. However, it is possible that we may overlook an error, in which case it will be corrected free of charge during the warranty period. The 60 days’ quality assurance does not apply to user manipulations that could have corrupt our files.

Do you offer a rush service?

Yes. We can carry out the work in a very short period of time. A surcharge may apply. To expedite the processing of your project, please send a request to

My data is confidential; is it safe with an Excel consultant?

Yes. We understand that data is confidential. We work in a controlled environment, with firewall and antivirus, for which only our employees have access. In no case do we share our customer’s data. We respect legal orders, if applicable.

My data is top secret and I can’t share it. How can I proceed?

There is no need to worry, we can work with fake data. You can send us a small part of your data so that we can combine the information required for the tool we design for you. Otherwise, we will create false data to build the tool. We have no need to see your confidential information for your projects. We will instruct you on how to incorporate your data when we deliver the solutions.

Can I receive individual training to learn tricks and improve myself?

Of course! We will accompany you in your everyday work and will give you valuable tips for working faster and more efficiently. Training can be done in person or virtually by a remote connection.

The new program was delivered to us. Do you offer training to ensure that our employees can use it effectively?

Yes of course! In delivering the tool, we indicate the steps of utilization in the document sent. We can also provide training on-site, by telephone or by videoconference if your employees feel the need.

Could the cost change during the course of the project if the workload is greater than anticipated?

Absolutely not. If we have a fixed price arrangement, it will be respected even if we must work day and night to deliver the agreed project. We are committed to respecting our agreement and the fixed price for the project. If you want to add functionality to your tools or make improvements along the way which are not included in the scope of the work, we will send you a revised bid for the desired modifications. This is the only possible cost that might be added, and it is you who decides whether to accept it.

For hourly fee agreements, we work as efficiently as possible to reduce your costs. Our hourly rate will never change during the project.

How is the price of the project calculated?

Everything depends on the nature of the project. Generally speaking, we work at an hourly rate. That is, we are paid by the hour for the work. In the quote, we determine the number of estimated hours needed to complete the project as well as our hourly rate.

When projects are smaller, we often offer a fixed price for the project, regardless of the number of hours it takes to do the job.

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