Development of Excel Tools and VBA Programming

We help businesses to perform better with Excel and Access

Our Excel experts will carry out your most ambitious Microsoft Excel & Access projects.

We use your complex data matrices and transform them into a simple illustration so that you may make the best decisions for the growth of your business. We increase YOUR productivity.

We develop tools tailored to your specific needs, for your business.


Are your tools truly effective?
Could you reduce your work time?
We will accelerate, automate, and reduce errors in your most complex Excel spreadsheets. We will audit your tools and make them more efficient.

We will make you better.


We program repetitive tasks in VBA and automate your tools to make them more efficient. We reduce manual tasks to eliminate the maximum amount of human error.

No more errors in your spreadhseets.
No more wasting time.


We improve the productivity of your business by designing customised Excel and Access tools according to your projects.

We develop programs of all kinds: whether it’s an inventory system or a cash-flow model analysis, we can help you.

Get more effective tools. Do more.

Our Excel consultants customise high-performance working tools. Save time for what really matters: the growth of your business.

Examples of our projects

Interactive Dashboards

Programming of interactive dashboards for your projects. Follow the evolution of your new product’s sales or the customer conversion rate.

Debug Formula Errors

Correct Excel spreadsheet errors, maintain and update complex workbooks

Send Automated Emails

200 custom Excel calculators sent automatically via email to a list of recipients with personalized message to each

Slow Formulas

Optimise VLOOKUP and SUMIFS formulas of client workbooks. Reduce calculation time by more than 65% of time required 

Automated Daily Reports

Entirely automated reports; from internet gathering of tax rates, calculations to the conversion into PDF for final delivery

Inventory Management

Inventory planning tools for a dental clinic with patient monitoring and treatment integration

Audit of Insurers

Excel Application to audit the performance of insurers. Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

VBA Programming

Efficient, commercial quality VBA Macros to improve and automate your business’s Excel spreadsheets

Our Business Solutions

In addition to our consulting services for your custom Excel & Access projects, we also develop tools addressed to SMBs that invest in the growth of their business and their employees. Our tools are intended to replace costly and inflexible major commercial applications by solutions equally effective, better adapted to your business needs, and offered at a much cheaper price.

Know Where to Invest

Our developped excel programs are ideal for the SMBs who want to grow without breaking the bank. Our solutions are entirely developed in Excel, sometimes containing a web portal and a SQL link to an online database. Our tools are inexpensive because we use all the potential of the Office Suite.

Reduce your costs compared to larger commercial services, and save to invest in the growth of your business.
We provide high quality products that will increase the performance of your business.

Talent Management Tool

Complete HR software and employee performance management

Managing your business has never been easier. The HR component allows you to fill in all the information about your employees in an interactive interface. Access the vacation list of an employee in just one click or the list of his former salaries and commissions using interactive forms.

The talent management component supports you in all stages of the performance assessment, feedback and salary analysis. The software prepares assessments and proposes salary increases according to your budget and the performance of each employee.

Increase Engagement

Get a successful and interactive assessment of employees and their objectives and offer them trustworthy professional feedback. Create the feeling of importance for your employees by offering them a follow-up of their objectives. Keeping track of your employees achievements and recalling them in evaluations is an excellent way to express and show your appreciation.

Give a Voice to Your Employees

Nowadays, 360-degree evaluations are particularly important, now that the rate of business turnover is increasing. Assessments made anonymously by employees let you know the real climate of your company. Know how an employee is perceived by colleagues and see how to improve team moral, and therefore the engagement of the team work.

Meet Your Budget

The software analyses the performance of each employee according to the grade you have given them and proposes wage increases according to the budget YOU have determined. If you decide to offer a better increase to an employee, the wage increases are recalculated for all other employees so you can meet your budget restrictions and take account of each employee’s performance.
No more budgetary puzzles.


Improve the retention of your best employees


Employees are often unaware of the value of their total remuneration. Total compensation statements make them aware of the total salary they earn including bonuses, social benefits and other benefits that you offer.

The total wages paid to the employee can sometimes reach 35% more than his base salary. Better informed of their total income, your employees may rethink competitors’ employment offers.

Increase your chances to retain your best talented employees and reduce turnover.

Reduce Turnover

Employees feel underappreciated when they believe they deserve a higher salary or compare themselves with their peers. Sometimes, they are not aware of their total compensation and feel unfairly underpaid.

Invest Smartly

72% of employers who have established total compensation statements estimate to have increased loyalty of their employees and leaders. How much does it cost you to hire and train a new employee? Total compensation statements cost a few hundred of dollars…


Knowing everything a company invests in us is an indisputable motivation for our daily work. Employees are according more and more importance on alternative compensation than to the base salary. Show them what you do for them, and they will give back in turn.

Develop Thrust

Providing a transparent dialogue between the employee and the employer improves the bond of trust between the two parties. The employer can display business objectives and the employee’s income situation: transparency is well perceived by employees.

Tools designed for businesses who want to increase their productivity

The growth of your business occurs primarily by efficient working procedures. We will help you to increase your productivity, motivate your employees with efficient work tools and present profitable analyses so that managers can make informed decisions.


About OPIA Solutions

We are a consulting Excel company located in Montreal (Canada). We meet with our local customers in person or we can travel to meet with remote clients. Generally, our customers also like to work remotely by conference calls, video conferencing and email.

our Promise of Quality:

  • Projects delivered on-time
  • Easy to use tools
  • Fast and reliable communication
  • Stay on budget
  • Produced without error, or corrections are free

International Consulting

We work very well remotely. Our customers love our professional approach and our ability to turn a simple idea into a highly effective product. We have served customers everywhere around the world.

Our Services

  • Financial Models
    As major business decisions are made on financial projection, we will ensure that you own all the elements to make the right decisions.
  • Automation
    Stop using manual data entry to create your reports. We program all steps in VBA and reduce the risk of error.
  • Optimisation
    Have your workbooks become too slow while recalculating? Is your homemade macro taking too long to run? We will optimise your formulas and macros to decrease processing time.
  • On Demand
    Are you overwhelmed or do not know how to deal with the multitude of data you received? We will do the data processing for you.
And much more!See all our services

OPIA Solutions // The next level for you company

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