Inventory Management

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Intended for SMB’s, OPIA Solutions’ inventory tool will help you keep up with your products, at an affordable cost.
Our inventory system is appreciated for its ease of use and customizable features for your business.

Inventory management

Master your inventory in real time. Get a detailed report of the stock you own.

Client management

Fill in the operations for each client; acquired items will be automatically subtracted from the inventory and displayed in the client’s history.

Product expiration

Avoid being caught off guard with expired products. The software will help you to prevent shortages and reduce waste.

Bar code reader

Scan bar codes in a single click. The software is optimised to speed up the processing of orders.

Some of Our Clients...

Software Inventory for Dental Clinics

Our inventory tool is ideal for dental clinics: simple, effective and affordable.

The software allows you to post all products from your dental clinic in a database that is easy to access. Product expiration dates are included in the inventory program and you can follow real-time products that will expire in two days, in 10 days, or even in a month. This helps to ensure a good turnover of products and avoid shortages when your products expire and you cannot perform treatments on your patients…

As the management of patients and their treatments are integrated into the tool, it is easy to follow treatment evolution, knowing that inventory is automatically updated as treatments are received for each patient.

Software Inventory for Industries and Factories

Managing your factory or plant requires efficient and flexible tools that will evolve through the growth of your business.

Our inventory program will help you to count the items you own in the way you need it. We will customize the software so that it conforms to the stages of production of your company. You will thus have an overview of the stages of production and the production time required at each stage.

With the development of software in Microsoft Excel or Access, it is very flexible and adapts perfectly to your needs. We model the tools for our customers on the basis of the operations they need to do and we integrate the statistics you need. We also integrate, on request, intuitive dashboards that allow you to have daily or real-time statistics of the production of your plant.

Software Inventory for Hairdressers

Do you own a hair salon and don’t want to pay monthly for an expensive inventory system, but want one with powerful features at an affordable price? You are in the right place.

To make things easier for you and your clients, you only need to scan your client’s shampoo bottle or flat iron barcode to produce their receipt and keep track of your inventory. Prices and taxes are automatically printed on the invoice, as well as in your administration tool so you can track statistics about your sales.

Avoid stock-outs and stop losing sales because you are missing products. Practical inventory software will allow you to monitor the quantities of each product and re-order them in time. In addition, the program allows you to easily manage the profit on each product over a period of time as well as taxes charged.


Inventory Management

Your inventory management is very easy thanks to interactive forms. To add items, simply:

  1. Scan the barcode of the article (or enter it manually if you don’t have a hand-held scanner);
  2. Enter the amount and the expiration date of the product, if applicable;
  3. Click Add.

Isn’t this so simple? The program will include the description of the item, its supplier, the date of the addition, the user and a wealth of other relevant information for inventory management.

Each article is assigned a barcode (or another unique identifier) that you can handle in the form of administration involving various features such as vendor or category. The program allows you to enter as many bar codes as you want. There are no limits on the number of articles, categories, or suppliers.

Customer Management


If you have a shop, you certainly want to manage your inventory while simultaneously generating invoices for your customers. Our inventory management will create invoices customized to your business. Scan the barcode of the items and voilà: an invoice branded to your company will be printed.

You can get a wireless barcode reader from us for $85, taxes and delivery included. There is no installation needed, just plug-in your new barcode reader so you can begin working immediately.


Inventory is linked to the management of clients: each item used in the treatment of a client is removed from available inventory.

In addition, the tool handles patient submissions and cancellations. When a client receives an order, items are removed from inventory on a temporary basis according to the filter “on hold”. The dashboard allows you to track your immediate physical inventory and your potential inventory, including client submissions.


Customized fields allow you to keep track of orders from your client on certain dates. For example: when a client needs to be recalled once the dental clinic receives his x-ray, the patient will have a pending status with a follow-up date so the secretary or coordinator issues a reminder to the patient if the x-ray is not received.

Other monitoring fields can be integrated into the tool according to your needs and periodic reminders can be created to ensure good follow-up of all clients.

Customization to Your Company

As most of our other tools, our inventory software is developed in Microsoft Excel and it is fully customizable to your business. Because development costs are low, we are able to provide you an affordable software and add the features you need at a low cost.

There are few companies that allow you to change their software so they adapt perfectly to your business. We do it.

For example, our customers sometimes ask us to add new statutes for treatment, to offer more tracking fields for different criteria, or create a dashboard listing the performance of the company for the number of treatment received each week.

Let’s see a practical exemple, a client of the State of New York (USA) had a horse wax production plant and used our inventory software to track the stages of production. We were asked to integrate 6 stages of production with transfer management to ensure that an article from the stages of the smelter to the calibration is automatically subtracted from the starting step and added at the arrival stage. They also asked for a dashboard displaying a visual of all products at each stage of production to simplify the management of the plant.

Q. Great, now I see the full potential of this inventory tool. But will the cost quickly increase as I request the additional features I need?
No. Of course not. As we said, our tools are developed in Microsoft Excel and it allows us to make changes without incurring major costs. Remember that our hourly rate is $ 55 per hour and we are experts in Excel and VBA programming. We work quickly and efficiently. Most of the changes requested by our customers require approximately one to three hours of work.

Demonstration of the Inventory Management Tool

What’s better than knowing what to expect before you buy?

Watch this short video to discover some of the functionalities of our inventory software. You’ll know what it’s like to work in a modern and efficient environment.


Without further delay, here is the cost of OPIA Solutions’ inventory software:

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Pay in your currency, we sell all over the world.

Are you happy when you make a smart purchase? So are we.

We love to maintain excellent relationships with our customers and we cannot be happier than when we receive positive feedback on our products. This is why we offer a full money-back guarantee for 14 days. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund all of your purchase.

Equip your company with the best tools now.

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