Why and How to Activate VBA Macros

VBA Programming

What is a VBA Macro?

Most of our files are provided with programming scripts that perform actions on your behalf. VBA programming (Visual Basic for Applications) was developed by Microsoft and it applies to the entire Microsoft Office suite.

These macros can speed your work and eliminate much of the manual work you would normally do yourself. For example, we could have created a script that will generate a sales report automatically when you receive the database of your supplier, it will instantly record a report in PDF and send it to your business partners without your intervention.

Of course, all these elements are discussed with you when we plan the work and we never include hidden functions that you wouold ignore existence or that you would disagree.

Is there a Security Risk by Enabling Macros?

The programming codes can potentially change the behavior of your computer when the source is not reliable. Do not enable macros you do not know the source or you suspect the author of having bad intentions.

Clearly, a VBA macro may involve risks similar as when you install a new program on your computer. However, when the source is reliable, the security risk for your business is minimal and insignificant. Just as you will continue to install programs like Google Chrome, Microsoft Word or Winzip on your computer. We guarantee that our Excel spreadsheets and Access databases are completely safe and virus free. You run no risk to safety when the author of the script has no bad intentions and the file was not corrupted by an external source.

Rest assured, almost all companies, SMEs as large companies, are working with VBA programming to speed up processing of their files.


Activate VBA Macros

When you wish to allow VBA scripts, you can enable for a single use or forever when you select the files you trust.

Activate for a Single Use

When you do not want to enable macros permanently on your network, you can enable them for a single use. So every time you open your Excel file, macros will be disabled by default a warning will appear above the formula bar. If you trust the workbook, click Enable Content and VBA programming will be activated for the duration of the use of the file. When you close Excel and reopen the workbook on another time, the macros will still be disabled and you need to click Enable Content” every time.

Activate permanently

You can activate macros permanently on some parts of your network, you choose yourself which locations. Generally, companies allow their locations on internal servers. Here’s how to safely enable macros on your network in a few easy steps.

1. Access Trust Center
The Trust Center is available in the options of all programs of the Microsoft Office suite.

2. Allow Network Locations
In the Trusted Locations tab, click the checkbox Allow Trusted Locations on my network. Then click Add new location…

3. Select Trusted Locations
Click Browse in the dialog box that has opened. You can now choose a location on your computer or on the corporate network for which you want to enable macros. The Trust Center will no longer display warning for files that you open a spreasheet from this location.

You can choose a specific folder or rather the root of your hard drive (for example: the C:\ drive).

Optional : You can allow subfolders in the location you have selected by ticking the checkbox subfolders of this location are also trusted. So, if you allow the C: \ drive, the files in the directory “C:\Work\Personalwill also be approved.

There you go. VBA macros are enabled for all files that you drop in the selected directory. You will no longer receive warnings when opening workbooks.

For more information, please pose a comment in the box below or access Microsoft’s official articles : Thrusted locations ou Enable or disable macros in Office documents.

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